How to submit and vote for a sig into the SOTW competition from now on

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How to submit and vote for a sig into the SOTW competition from now on

Post  Jellie on Sun Aug 29, 2010 3:30 am

Ok, so we're bringing in an anonymous voting system, Liscr will now be handling the competitions, so you can PM her or Myself in regards to any questions you may have about the new system.

The new System will be based on an ANONYMOUS system that has been implemented elsewhere.

The rules of this new system are pretty straight forward:
Create a sig based on the weeks theme and send it in by the due date.
On the due date a voting thread will be created.
Send your entry to the section moderator via PM, with the title of SOTW or SOTW #(weeks number), do not put your name or a tag on the sig.
Do NOT tell everyone which sig is yours
do NOT try and guess who made which sig.
Do NOT post your entry in the theme announcement thread
Please do NOT post your sig anywhere else until the vote is over.
The Voting will be done using the Give My Vote (gmv) system, where the entries will be placed in a new thread where they will be numbered 1, 2, 3, etc. Here you will post your vote as well as any necissary comments about why you've voted for that sig
The winners from 4 SOTW's in one month are qualified to enter SOTM competition.

NO discussion is to be placed in the entry threads.

Everyone is free to send in ONE(1) entry, and once you've sent it in, you may not change your entry. (so be sure before you post).

Everyone is welcome, so show us your amazing skills



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