About Infractions and Bans

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About Infractions and Bans

Post  Scottster88 on Fri Aug 06, 2010 12:23 am

What happens if I break a rule?
If you break a rule in this forum, the post will be dealt with by a moderator.
For first minor offences (spam, etc) you will be issued with a VERBAL WARNING. The verbal warning will be clearly outline in your post and you will receive a PM from the moderator who issued it.

If you commit a harsher offence however (trolling, etc), you will be issued with an Infraction. You will receive a Pillory Thread in the 'Rules and Pillory' section. This will now be your "Infraction record". Anybody can see your pillory thread.
For every three infractions you receive, you will be issued a temporary ban by an administrator.
On your twelfth infraction, an administrator or the forum manager will impose a permanent ban against you.

However, if you severely violate the rules (real life threats, racism, multi-account), you will be issued with an immediate permanent ban.

I disagree with a Moderators decision
If this is the case, send a PM to the Moderator in question detailing why you think the ruling against you is unjust.
If you still disagree with the Moderators decision, you may contact an administrator to look into the issue.
However, in the rare instance that you are not satisfied with the administrator decision, the final ruling decision will come from the forum manager. The forum managers decision is final and unchallengeable.

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