Signature Of The Month Information

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Signature Of The Month Information

Post  Scottster88 on Mon Aug 09, 2010 4:07 am

SoTM Information

The SoTM is a monthly signature competition which any board member is free to enter. Before the end of every month, you will have the opportunity to submit a signature, which will then be voted upon by other members.
The winner of the competition receives a flashy banner for the next month and the opportunity to have their winning work permanently displayed in a Hall of Fame.

As always, please refer to the entry rules (Click Here) before entering.

Your submitted signature must have been created in the same month the competition opened. Signatures not matching the theme will be disqualified. Ripped signatures will result in an infraction, possibly a ban if the administration decides.
The SoTM competition is aimed to be more difficult than the SoTW, and may, on occasion, allow larger works and vertical works, if the entry conditions state so.


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