Member Vs Team Challenge Information

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Member Vs Team Challenge Information

Post  Scottster88 on Mon Aug 09, 2010 4:19 am

MvT Challenge Information

The MvT challenge is a signature competition which operates in two ways.
1) A member or teamler can challenge each other
2) On occasion, a small number of teamlers will be selected at random to compete against the same number of members (Group Competition).

You will have the opportunity to submit a signature, which will then be voted upon by other members.
The winner of the single member vs teamler challenge competition receives a flashy banner for the next week.
The winners of the group of members vs the group of teamlers challenge all receive a flashy banner for the next week.

As always, please refer to the entry rules (Click Here) before entering.

Ripped signatures will result in an infraction, possibly a ban if the administration decides.


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