Artist Request Section Rules. !READ FIRST!

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Artist Request Section Rules. !READ FIRST!

Post  Scottster88 on Fri Aug 06, 2010 1:36 am

Artist Request Section Rules

To the artist:
You are permitted to have ONE thread to advertise your skill.
In the first post, you may have four of your signatures on show to advertise yourself to the public.
You could also include information such as the styles you do, the software you use and so on.
You do not have to respond to all requests.
The forum rules and FanArt rules also apply.

To the requestee:
You are only permitted to make ONE request with ONE artist.
If you change your mind over the artist, cancel the first request before making another.
You must have a minimum of 20 posts before making a request.
The forum rules and FanArt rules also apply.

You must use the following template when requesting:


[Dimensions] - Do you have a particular size in mind?
[Picture/render] - Describe, or even better, link to the image you want
[Colors] - Any particular colours you want?
[Background] - Specific requirements for the background?
[Font] - Any particular font?
[Text] - Everything you want written. Try to keep this neat and simple.
[Style] - Any particular style? Vectored? Colourful? Dark?
[Animation] - Any animation?
[Other/Notes] - Anything else you'd like to add?

You should credit the artist underneath your signature. Any of the following will be suitable:
- Thanks *NAME*
- Thanks to *NAME* for the sig
- Signature by *NAME*
- Signature thanks to *NAME*
- Made by *NAME*
Or anything similar.
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