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Photoshop Tutorial LIst

Post  Howard on Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:28 pm

This thread will be maintained by me personally and anyone else who care to give it a shot.

Here will be a list of the different tutorials that users have found to their liking. If you want to submit one to be posted here please PM me.

If you have any questions or problems post them here!

DIY Sci-Fi Scene

Well, I did this little tutorial myself and it turned out great. (As in I didn't have to smash my computer of out frustration... )

Just thought I'd share. The link is here:

Anyways, here are my results (Click to enlarge. They look so much prettier if you do)

One of the two planets you'll be taught how to make:

The two possible permutations:

New-Age-Sci-Fi look:

Retro Look:

Realistic Star Field

This is quite an easy tutorial which teaches you how to make a realistic star field. Instead of the Add Noise - Change brightness - lens flare that has always been used it adds a bit of a "human" touch to the star field which makes it your own.


My final result:

Astoundingly Easy Neon Sign

This tutorial teaches you how to make a custom neon sign in minutes. Seriously! It took me less than five minutes!

If you manage to botch this one up I'll get mad at you... and you'll owe me a cookie.


My final product: (After five minutes)

If you have any you would like to add, PM me and I'll put it up with your name next to it.


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