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Green Penguin Forum Rules

Post  Scottster88 on Thu Aug 05, 2010 9:32 pm

Green Penguin Rules

These are the rules for the Green Penguin forum. Please read and abide by them.
Moderators, Global Moderators and Administrators have the right to warn and ban users, edit, censor and close posts and edit user signatures, profile information and avatars if they fail to abide by the rules, with or without reason.

A) Membership
A1- Each member is allowed one account, and one account only. Multiple accounts will be permanently banned.
A2) By registering on the forum, you agree to follow the rules.
A3) Users are not permitted to share accounts.

B) Posts
B1) The official language of the board is English. No other language is permitted.
B2) As the board is visited by people of all ages, posts should be suitable for all ages. Therefore posts containing (but not limited to)
- Swearing
- Pornography
- Extremism
- Immoral politics (Nazism, etc)
- Racism or discrimination
B3) Spam is not permitted. This includes:
- Off-topic
- Smiley Spam (Only 5 smilies per post are permitted)
- Post-Hunting (Posting to deliberately increase your post count)
- Excessive scrolling posts
- Posts less than three words. Smilies, abbreviations and titles do not count as words.
B4) Trolling is not permitted (inciting flaming)
B5) Staff trolling is not permitted
B6) Advertising non-related websites, such as travel, dating, etc. (Gaming and art websites are permitted)
B7) Posting for someone who has been banned is not permitted
B8) Discussion of warnings and bans in public is not permitted
B9) Misusing the report tool is not allowed
B10) Real-life threats will result in an instant ban
B11) Posts which contain illegal content are not allowed. This includes but not limited to:
- Hacks/cracks/keygens/warez
- Racism, discrimination, real-life threats
- Exposing minors to pornographic content (A minor in British law is defined as an individual under 18 years of age)
- Any other breaches in applicable British Law

C) Profiles
C1) Content on user profiles must abide by all these rules
C2) Avatars must be no larger than 150*150x
C3) Signatures must be no larger than H200px*L500px and 100kb

D) Team Respect
D1) Impersonation of a team member is not allowed
D2) Use of Staff Smilies are not permitted. There is an exception which allows thread-starters to use the 'closed' smilies
D3) Backseat moderating is not allowed. Use the report button

The Administration reserves the right to edit, alter and add to these rules at any time without notification. It is solely your job to check the rules for updates.

If you have an issue with a personal warning, thread warning or thread action (lock thread) by a staff member, discuss the issue with that member.

The chain of command is as followed:
1) Forum Manager
2) Administrator
3) Global Moderator
4) Moderator
5) Team Artist
*NOTE* Team artists are not moderators and do not have moderating powers.
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