Head To Head Challenge Information

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Head To Head Challenge Information

Post  Scottster88 on Mon Aug 09, 2010 4:14 am

H2H Information

The H2H Challenge is a signature competition in which the competition winner is free to choose his own opponent. A member can challenge another member via PM to a challenge. If the challenge is accepted, a thread can be created with "User Vs User" as the title ("User" being both usernames). The first post must specify the theme both challengers have agreed to and the victory conditions. If no victory conditions are stated, the first challenger to 8 votes wins. Or if the thread is inactive for one week, the highest voted automatically wins. Both will be voted upon by other members.

The winner of the competition receives a flashy banner for the next week.

As always, please refer to the entry rules (Click Here) before entering.

Ripped signatures will result in an infraction, possibly a ban if the administration decides.
For larger signatures or vertical signatures, permission is required from the Section Moderator beforehand.


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